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I love drawing. A. LOT. So this is a just an ordinary art blog where i post drawings when I'm bored. :)

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Anonymous said:
Do you ship Philippines and Mexico----is it platonic, etc?

I ship those two, either it’s platonic or romantic. They have this personality that really comes together. Add to that there history for more than 2 centuries. Although at the present times, they’re not much communicating with each other. Though, they communicate with their fists XD

But some or most of the time they are platonic for being considered as siblings. Can’t ship incest, can we?

I would like to tell you their story in Hetalia form but I’m busy procastinating. XD But you will probably see it soon. it’ll be full of feels.

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Anonymous said:
Ah, thanks for answering my question! Keke, I'm really interested in the comic I almost had a panic attack that you weren't going to continue updating! Haha, hope you find out the angle that fits him! Looking forward to your next update! ^^

You’re very welcome. I’m glad that, at least, some of you are interested in that comic. I already found one. Now, to draw the ship and the galleons. :D

Anonymous said:
Are you still working on your comic FAM?

Oh, if this has been so long, I’m sorry to reply so late. Tumblr/Internet is messing my inbox again. ^^’

Ahh….yes, I am. Still working on the storyboard since I’m straying from the storyline. And practicing some difficult angles on the characters. And the one that’s bothering me for the moment is…WHY IS ENGLAND SO HARD TO DRAW???!!!! I mean look at this:


It’s really hard to draw without him looking so, I don’t know, ooc? Weird?

Either way, I’m still continuing the 'For a Moment' comics. Thanks for supporting my crappy comic XD

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Anonymous said:
Thank you for drawing China x Liechtenstein.

You’re very welcome. It’s really fun to draw them. ♥


For Ask-gryffindor-maddie~
Hope you like it :D


For Ask-gryffindor-maddie~

Hope you like it :D

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If an artist draws something for you (without being asked or paid) I don’t care if you like it or not you’d better thank them so hard you almost punch your own teeth out with your tongue because that means someone thought “this thing that I can get paid to do I did for free for you because I love you and think you’re worth dedicating my personal time and talent to” and if you don’t think that’s the tightest shit you’ve ever heard than get the fuck out of my face. 

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I just can’t help being sidetracked from reviewing for exams X3

Well, it does relieve stress and I need a break for a while. 

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Anonymous said:
What do you think of the whole Russia and Ukraine problem?

I’m sorry. Although I’m aware of the happenings between those countries, let’s not talk about it for now. It’s really a touchy subject for some people. It may hurt some of them and that is the last thing I’ll ever do or probably never.

Let’s just pray for the safety of the people there. Is that alright? Thank you very much. :) 

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Anonymous said:
Can you please draw China x Liechtenstein?

I know I’m not taking requests but I’ll let this pass. 


This is the very first time I drew Lichtenstein and look how cool China is. He looks like a business man thought. And I’ve never encountered this pairing before. Is this a crack pairing?

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